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In “Being Dad” we meet and get to know impactful, well-known entrepreneurs, businessmen, artists, athletes, politicians as well as exceptional “everyday Dads” with inspiring stories.

Our aim is also to connect with high-profile fathers who are public figures and whose stories will reach and engage a large audience.

These Dads are important for the show as they carry a lot of influence – but the reality is that they are simply busy and difficult to reach.

If you believe in the movement of empowering men to be the best Dads they can be, then support us by putting us in touch with a father you find extraordinary.

Are you going above and beyond in your role as a Dad? Then write to us and tell us your story, you may get featured and have the chance to teach and inspire others.

Simply use the form below or connect directly with Philipp via LinkedIn.

If you prefer, there is also a dedicated WhatsApp line to connect with us directly.

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